Roles to be filled

LNT Sanitation Shit Head | LEAD/Co-LEAD

Year round And On Site


Everybody wants to have clean and enough toilets available at Nowhere. Sanitation is one of the key functions crucial to the success of Nowhere, for the permit and for the well-being of every participant. Sanitation interacts with a lot of different Departments of Norg and this role has a wide range of activities pre, during and post event including communications, construction, placement, purchasing, education and recruitment of awesome Shit Ninjas. You and the rest of the Shit team will interact with many teams and play a fundamental role in ensuring that everyone at Nowhere has a positive experience when using toilets.

Tasks and time commitment

This is a year-round role, which means we need your help to plan, deliver and evaluate sanitation. As the event gets closer, there will be more tasks to do for each team. This role would ideally suit 2 people, and maybe even a third person as someone needs to be able to stay for strike. 

The expected time commitment pre-event is:

  • 1-3 hours per week on average between November and January.
  • 5-10 hours per week on average between February and May. 

On-site: Arrive on-site early for set-up and work daily with exception of agreed days off. Time commitment during the week of the festival is limited to any agreed site management shifts. Stay on-site following the festival to manage strike with exception of agreed days off.

Here are some of the tasks you’ll be getting involved in;

Pre-Event February-April

  • Determine how many toilets are needed and communicate this to production, build, and placement teams
  • Review storage inventory lists and ensure all supplies and communicate any procurement needs to purchasing team including highlighting any items that must be delivered on site in the first week 
  • Liaise with LNT team to review and update any procedures and protocols related to toilets
  • Liaise with Project Manager to incorporate any new permit requirements related to toilets
  • Participate in any planning meetings relevant to your role

Pre-Event May-June

  • Ensure that there is a clear strike plan for post-event removal
  • Recruit Shit Ninjas from barrios and freecamping communities and provide any information or training relevant to their role
  • Update Survival Guide and website teams on information that must be communicated to the Nowhere community
  • Ensure that any signs that are required are ordered from the signage team by the specified deadline
  • Review maintenance schedule of toilets, make any necessary changes, and communicate these to production team


  • Coordinate placement of chemical toilets on-site
  • Ensure that all toilets have stock of paper and hand sanitiser and that all long-drops also have brushes, buckets, and shovels placed in/near them
  • Ensure that all necessary information is put inside toilets before Barrio early arrivals date
  • Ensure that all toilets have solar lights placed near them
  • Provide training to any Shit Ninjas and ensure they have access to necessary items to restock toilets
  • Liaise with Site Lead and On-Call Maintenance team to ensure any necessary maintenance, repairs or re-placement is carried out quickly, safely, and effectively
  • Liaise with contractor on chemical toilet cleaning schedule and ensure they have translation services provided if needed
  • Participate in any on-site meetings relevant to your role
  • Participate in LNT Team infamous Champagne party!


  • Provide feedback and highlight any areas that may need review or improvement
  • Participate in any all lead meetings for debriefing as required
  • Create project plan for following Nowhere


Interest or questions? Mail to and we will contact you and try to setup a short online (max. 30 min.) meeting preferably within 7 days.

This meeting is for getting to know each other, tell a bit about the LNT department; what it does, how it’s organised and answer any questions. 

Give all the information needed for someone to decide if they want to be a member of the LNT team.

Which department does this role belong to

Leave No Traces (LNT)

Responsible to

Shit Lead


Making shit not so shit


Build, Placement, Production, Signage, Communications, Purchasing, LNT, Barrio Leads

Required Skills

  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar event
  • Enthusiastic about improving sanitation at Nowhere
  • Enjoy solving problems
  • Able to commit to a year round role
  • Good communication skills
  • Ability to speak English (and ideally Spanish)
  • Conflict resolution skills

Bonus skills

  • Enthusiasm and love for hippies
  • Experiences of managing a crew of volunteers