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LNT Strike W&RZone | LEAD



Nowhere’s Waste and Recycling Zone (W&RZone) remains operational during the first two days of Strike when all Barrios and their Strike teams + Norg Strike team are still on site. At Day 3 of Strike the W&RZone is dismantled and stored into the Containers and ceases to be in existence.

The Strike W&RZone Lead’s responsibility is to keep the W&RZone operational during the first Monday and Tuesday of Strike and to help dismantle it on Wednesday.

This is a new role and will need to be documented in a Task Timeline with references to relevant documents. Running the Warzone is all documented. Dismantling the W&RZone will need to be documented.

Tasks and time commitment

This role is focussed on the Strike period to be exact the first 3 max. 4 days of Strike. However, you will need to attend some meetings pre-event to plan Strike @ W&RZone.

The expected time commitment pre-event from May to June is expected to be 1 to 3 hours per week depending on how close we are to the event.

Post event time commitment is a few hours up to what you want to put into it and together help and improve Nowhere.

Here are some of the tasks you’ll be getting involved in;

Pre Event

May to June

  • Liaise with Norg Strike Lead about opening hours W&RZone
  • Liaise with Barrio Lead about opening hours W&RZone
  • Liaise with Norg Strike Lead about Dismantling W&RZone
  • Liaise with Event time W&RZone Lead about hand over W&RZone at the end of the Event.
  • Liaise with LNT Volunteer Coordinator about recruitment and informing volunteers.

During Event

  • Meet up with Event W&RZone Lead to be informed about operational matters.


  • Welcome and inform the W&RZone volunteers on their tasks.
  • Mark and inventorize non infrastructural W&RZone stuff
  • Inventory into which container W&RZone stuff is stored.
  • Attend any on-site meetings relevant to your role.
  • Assist your fellow LNT Strike leads where you can.
  • Make it FUN!

Post Event August-December

  • Feedback on the Strike of the W&RZone @ Nowhere. What can we improve?
  • Feedback in all leads post Nowhere Report
  • Participate in any all-lead meetings for debriefing when asked (including the ALM. Which is fun)
  • Advise Meta Lead of any budget requirements for next year.


Interest or questions? Mail to and we will contact you and try to setup a short online (max. 30 min.) meeting preferably within 7 days.

This meeting is for getting to know each other, tell a bit about the LNT department; what it does, how it’s organised and answer any questions. 

Give all the information needed for someone to decide if they want to be a member of the LNT team.

Which department does this role belong to

Leave No Traces (LNT)

Responsible to

LNT Meta Lead


LNT W&RZone (during Strike)

Required Skills

  • Enthusiasm
  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar event
  • Availability during Strike
  • Love for Hippies
  • Able to commit to a year-round role.

Bonus skills

  • Enthusiasm for interacting with humans.
  • Interest in teaching and transmitting information.