Roles to be filled

LNT Sanitation Shit Head | LEAD/Co-LEAD

Year round And On Site


The Waste and Recycling Zone (W&RZone) is the place where Nobodies can leave their day to day trash. We are there to help them and check if they have properly separated their garbage according to the Spanish Recycling system.

As a W&RZone Lead, your role is to organize the W&RZone from build to strike together with your fellow W&RZone leads.

This is a year-round role, ideally for three people, starting around the time of Ticket sale (late Feb/Early March) with the recruiting of volunteers via FIST with the help of the LNT Volunteer Coordinator.

Pre event you talk with the Build lead to address any special wishes for the W&RZone build, liaise with production about Container placement and removal schedule and you set up an online meeting instructing the W&RZone Shift Leads.

During the event together with your fellow W&RZone leads you run the W&RZone by being available by radio for the W&RZone Shift Leads, making sure that Swag is distributed and participate in LNT Team infamous Champagne party.

Tasks & Time Commitment 

This is a year-round role, which means we need your help to plan, run and evaluate the W&RZone. As the event gets closer, there will be more tasks to do for each team. The expected time commitment pre-event from April to June is expected to be 1 to 3 hours per week depending on how close we are to the event.

During the event we do not want you to do more than three days on duty because it can’t be all work, work you also must play. 

Post event time commitment is a few hours up to what you want to put into it and together help and improve Nowhere.

These are the tasks you will be getting involved in; 

Pre-Event February-April

  • Liaise with LNT Metalead about budget requirements.
  • Coordinate volunteer roles on FIST with LNT Volunteer Coordinator
  • Advertise Workshops @ W&RZone

Pre-Event May-June

  • Liaise with Production about container placement and removal schedule for the W&RZone
  • Check the W&RZone layout for this year with City-planning.
  • Train the W&RZone Shift Leads in an online meeting.
  • Put W&RZone opening hours in What, Where, When Guide
  • Provide support to LNT Volunteer Coordinator if needed.
  • Organize Fluff for the W&RZone
  • Meet with LNT Strike Lead to organize hand-over from Event to Strike
  • Participate in any other planning meeting relevant to your role.

During Setup, Event

  • Arrive, during setup, if you can. To finalize W&RZone preparations (speak to MetaLead)
  • Manage day-to-day operations of the W&RZone including volunteers on shift.
  • Ensure that the W&RZone runs smoothly by being on call via radio on your agreed working days.
  • Participate in any other planning meetings relevant to your role.

Post Event August-December

  • Feedback on the W&RZone @ Nowhere. What can we improve?
  • Feedback in all leads post Nowhere Report
  • Participate in any all-lead meetings for debriefing when asked (including the ALM. Which is fun)
  • Advise Meta Lead of any budget requirements for next year.


Interest or questions? Mail to and we will contact you and try to setup a short online (max. 30 min.) meeting preferably within 7 days.

This meeting is for getting to know each other, tell a bit about the LNT department; what it does, how it’s organised and answer any questions. 

Give all the information needed for someone to decide if they want to be a member of the LNT team.

Which department does this role belong to

Leave No Traces (LNT)

Responsible to

LNT Meta Lead




LNT MetaLead, LNT Build, LNT Strike, PL Site&Logistics

Required Skills

  • Enthusiasm
  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar event
  • Availability during set-up if you can
  • Love for Hippies
  • Able to commit to a year-round role.

Bonus skills

  • Enthusiasm for interacting with humans
  • Interest in teaching and transmitting information