Role to be filled

Lost & Found | Lead

Year Round and on site


Do you love seeing people reunited with their very special things? Do you know the heartache of losing something and desperately wanting it back? Do you read the stories of lost things after Nowhere and find yourself wishing everyone and their things could be reconnected? If you answered yes to any or all of these pressing questions then you may be the person we seek!

We are looking for a new Lost & Found Lead to oversee the collection and return of lost items at Nowhere and ensure that valuable items are stored securely.

Tasks and time commitment

This is a year round role, with most tasks to do with your team on site and in the months following the event, up to 5 hours per week. During the event you will be managing your team and making sure everyone turns up for their shifts as well as looking after any valuables.

You will also be expected to make sure your team is fully recruited on FIST pre event.

Here’s some of the tasks you will be getting involved with:

Pre Event

  • Share the pictures of last year’s valuables on social media to raise awareness of lost & found department
  • Educate participants about labeling their items
  • Make sure all FIST shifts are filled
  • Recruit for event time volunteers via the Comms team, social media etc
  • Communicate lost & found procedure to event time volunteers (maybe through online training or via email)

During Setup, Event and Strike

  • Set up lost and found box at NoInfo
  • Set up a box for valuables
  • Bring the valuables from years before to try to reunite to owners
  • Ensure that your volunteers attend NoInfo as planned and know what their tasks are
  • Work with the NoInfo Lead to make sure all valuables are stored securely each night
  • Participate in any on site meetings relevant to your role
  • Carry out any site management shifts according to agreed rota
  • On the last day of the event, make sure the lost & found items are clearly visible

    take any valuable items home with you to be reunited with their owners

Post Event

  • Attend at least one day of strike to sort out the lost and found items and categorize them
  • Photograph every item
  • Keep the valuables aside
  • Try to reunite valuable belongings with owners through Nowhere social media channels, emails etc
  • Provide feedback and highlight any areas that may need review or improvement
  • Attend the All Leads Meeting if possible
  • Create project plan for following Nowhere

Which department does this role belong to:

Recruitment & Relationships

Required Skills

  • Experience of volunteering at Nowhere or a similar event
  • Experience of inventorying ordering and control
  • Strong communication skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Able to manage a team – experience in ‘real’ life, at Nowhere or at another Burn or event.

Bonus skills

  • Based in Barcelona or driveable distance from Nowhere (e.g Spain, Portugal, France) to be able to get things home easily.


NoInfo Lead, R&R MetaLeads


  • Swag (team patches and other exciting things)
  • Other very exciting shiny things soon to be announced – keep an eye out!
  • New friends from all corners of the world
  • A chance to step out of your comfort zone & grow
  • A chance to put your real-world skills to the test in a new environment and feel badass!