The Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) is now open!

Have you bought a ticket you can’t use? Worried that the event is sold out?

The Secure Ticket Exchange Program (STEP) allows for the secure exchange of tickets between those who wish to sell their tickets and those who are looking for Nowhere 2022 tickets.

  • If you did not manage to get a ticket for the event: you can join the STEP program waiting list, where you can request up to 2 tickets.
  • If you have tickets and would like to sell your tickets: you can enter them into the STEP outbound tickets queue.
Still waiting for your Low Income ticket?

The form to apply for a discounted ticket will be open until May 15th, at 5pm CET, so don’t snooze! 

Once the application period ends, every submission will be reviewed and will receive an answer indicating whether or not a Low Income ticket has been awarded. If you are among the lucky few, you will receive a code with which to purchase your Low Income ticket via Quicket.

If you haven’t received an answer to your application by June 15th, you can write to to ask what their decision was. Make sure to check your spam/promotions folder frequently!

Wondering if the 2020 ticket you bought is valid for 2022?

The answer is NO. When the event was cancelled in 2020, all ticket-holders received multiple emails offering a sliding scale refund, up to the full price. If you chose to donate your ticket, thank you!

Everyone wishing to attend Nowhere 2022 needs a new ticket. No tickets from 2020 will be accepted at the Gate. 

Even if the new one looks almost the same (20202), Gate Kittenz will require a 2022 ticket with a working barcode to grant you entrance.