Nowhere 2023 – It’s Becoming Real

Good morning humans of Nowhere, Nobodies, Nobodies to be!

Nowhere 2023, it’s happening.

(Well, if we are able to recruit a couple dozen leads and MetaLeads and maybe a director or two, then it’s happening. But more on that later.)

July 3rd – 9th, 2023 – Mark your calendars.

The dusty ball is rolling, and we need YOU to realize this wild, crazy, lovely adventure once again!

ALM- Where it all starts, or where it all ends?

So the All Leads Meeting (ALM) and Leadership Summit (LS) happened. The ALM and LS (any creative acronym-writers in the house?) was a chance for Nowhere volunteers to hole up in a lovely community in the mountains north of Barcelona, to put our heads together and start planning the next event, to reflect on what worked well and what didn’t in past years, and to really iron out what needs to happen in the coming months for Nowhere to successfully take place.

Or, to quote our new Official Comms Team Members over at SNITCH (who, by the way, didn’t come to ALM)

“they are finding boring capitalistic solutions to badly expressed problems”

(SNITCH is Nowhere’s super secret internal volunteers-only newsletter where we get to the bottom of issues that matter- like which barrio is the biggest garbage fire of the year (here’s looking at you, Planet Pulpo 🐙) or how long Dia beers can actually live in a container and still be OK for human consumption. You can sign up, but you gotta come volunteer first!)

So where are we now? Basically, in a big pile of spreadsheets, ironing out action points, writing job descriptions and nursing a slight hangover. Oh yeah, the ALM/LS is also a really fun party with yummy food, bonfires, a hot tub, a sauna, and a bizarre former textile factory to explore. Maybe you should come next year, eh? It’s cooler than build. It’s like the build for build.

One thing came out at ALM/LS over all other things:

We need more volunteers for integral roles!

We need your brains, your skills, your ideas and your motivation. And we need it desperastely.

We have a huge list of open roles – some all year round, some on site only, some running individual projects and others organizing among multiple projects.

Whatever your kink, and whatever your experience – we have the open position for you!

It doesn’t matter if you’ve only been to Nowhere once, if you’re not super comfortable in English, or if you don’t know how to use a computer/build things/herd cats. We have a role that will be a good fit for you, and we need your help. This whole “Nowhere is built by YOU” isn’t just some hippy dippy phrase we repeat to ourselves to feel better about the world. It’s really the only way Nowhere gets built.

You know what is also super fun and cool? Learning new things! If you have always wanted to know which side of the hammer to use to hit the nail, we will show you.

Please do yourself a favor and get involved into this crazy, co-creative happening! Find the “how to volunteer” and the open positions here!

Don’t know where you’d fit in? Curious to find out more? Find all this incredibly annoying and overwhelming? We get it. Just shoot a quick email over to and our lovely volunteers team will give you more info.

Remember: you get extra honor, sparkles and so much more for volunteering – plus you will have an absolutely unique time, make friends, learn, evolve, grow and have a shit ton of fun! Really, why would you want to go to a party that you didn’t build yourself?


With a lot of love we forward this message from the amazing Cantina MetaLead:

f any of you are getting excited thinking about what 2023 will bring already and want to come to Nowhere, why not join up as a year-round volunteer to help with the planning 😉, we really need more Very Involved Persons to join us!

Anyone who has been to Nowhere will know how important having yummy food is to lift your spirits after a hard day in the sun. Cantina is the beating heart of Nowhere – we provide food for volunteers and members of Werkhaus for a full 6 weeks – build, event and strike!

I need some helping hands to make the food for Nowhere 2023 even better. We are looking for leads help me (and the lovely Cantina crew) to plan and coordinate the food for Cantina. This means you’ll be equally passionate about food and making Nowhere happen – with availability for regular meetings between now and Nowhere 2023. If you’ve been to Nowhere at least once, love to make great food and are fluent(ish) in English, please get in touch for more information.

You can email me directly at to find out more.


We all know that this is one of the most essential parts of our community. Some people may think it’s only about physical interaction – but that is definitely not true. We should always be aware that our actions can impact others deeply. May it be a picture, a hug or even a compliment.

We are very happy and proud to see that the numbers of Consent reports have dropped sharply in recent years. We have a whole team that is doing incredible work, all year long, to make Nowhere as safe as possible!

This involves every single Nobody, so please take a minute or two to check, if your Consent knowledge is “up to date” and visit our Consent page!

F*CK YES – Nowhere 2023 is going to be THE BEST!

So please, click all the fancy links! Check with your fellow friends and camp mates! Get involved!

WE.NEED.YOU to make this happen!

The first wisdom I was ever given from a dear burner friend of mine: If you want it, bring it!