Role to be filled

Be the glue that holds together the Power project

You’ll work with all of the people in the different roles within power to make sure everything runs smoothly as well as acting as a default point of contact for any teams outside of Power to talk to, including the rest of the Site Infrastructure department. They will communicate frequently with the leads, scheduling meetings when helpful and spotting gaps that need to be filled.

The Power Project is part of Site Infrastructure but instead of having the usual Lead/co-Lead structure the work is split between leads who focus on particular parts and collaborate to make it all fit together.

You are:
  • An experienced Nobody or other Burn event volunteer
  • Someone whose best work is done helping others organise
  • Happy with different communication methods to suit others
  • Someone who likes concentrating on the bigger picture
You will:
  • Be the point of contact for anyone with Power questions who doesn’t know who specifically to talk to
  • Get regular updates from pre-event Power leads and make sure they talk to event-time leads
  • Talk to the rest of the Site Infrastructure department
  • Schedule and facilitate (mostly online) meetings for the Power project
  • Recruit for any roles in the Power Project that need to be filled or need more people
Skills/Resources Required:
  • Experience working as a volunteer who works with lots of other volunteers
  • Some familiarity with electricity
  • Good communications skills, both in person and online
What Nice Skills You Could Learn:
  • Volunteer team management
  • Knowledge of how all the pieces of Nowhere fit together
  • More knowledge about how off-grid power works
Extra Benefits:
  • Try out new ways of organising things within NOrg

Which department this role belongs to:

Site, Logistics & Infrastructure (SLI) (Power project)

What kind of job it is:

Project Lead 

TIME Commitment:

Year round: Mostly pre-event, some on site and post-event

Connected roles & teams:

SLI meta-lead, Power team, Site Leads, Volunteers