Role to be filled

Power Setup | Lead(s)

on site


Before Nowhere is a bustling event it’s an empty field. Once the containers and placement flags have started going down, people need to plug stuff in. You’ll be walking into this alien land to start laying the grid. As the number of people on site grows, more people join the power team until there are multiple groups working across the site.

Tasks and time commitment

This is mostly an on site role, with some online meetings in the months leading to the event, and some discussion with power setup volunteers to prepare them for setup (starting in May).

This role can be completed by 1 person if available for most of setup but is better with 2 people, to share the load and make scheduling easier (e.g. one of you not available from day 1, the other wanting to leave for barrio build or just for taking days off at different times).

Pre Event

  • Taking part in at most 1 online meeting per month
  • Making sure setup volunteer roles are configured correctly on FIST
  • Talking with setup volunteers to plan their arrivals

During Setup, Event and Strike

  • Work with an increasingly large team of volunteers to lay all the cable and place all the equipment to keep NOrg projects and art powered for the event (growing to 6 volunteers just before event time)
  • Ensure that all the permit requirements related to power are completed on time for the inspection (Malfare, grounding NOrg structures, evacuation alarms (including MoN sound system))
  • Adjust for the constantly changing situation that is Nowhere
  • Set up site lighting for NOrg projects, with the exception of MoN
  • Complete at least one on call lead shift

Post Event

  • Provide feedback through a PNR and highlight any areas that may need review or improvement
  • Participate in the annual All Leads Meeting (ALM) if possible

Which department does this role belong to:

Site Logistics & Infrastructure (SILO)

Required Skills

  • Confidence with electricity
  • Wanting to get out of the office and do some physical moving stuff around!
  • Not afraid of physical work in the heat
  • Confidence working with a team of volunteers
  • Prioritization and decision making
  • Adjustable for the constantly changing situation that is Nowhere

Bonus skills

  • Wanting to have an impact on making Nowhere more sustainable
  • Wanting to do your part for Nowhere but don’t enjoy mixing work and partying – you get most of your work done outside of the event time
  • Comfortable with long days, 6 days a week for up to 3 weeks


  • Swag (team patches and other exciting things)
  • Other very exciting shiny things soon to be announced – keep an eye out!
  • New friends from all corners of the world
  • A chance to step out of your comfort zone & grow
  • A chance to put your real-world skills to the test in a new environment and feel badass!