Role to be filled

This role  is the head of the department that will oversee development of a new recruitment strategy, guide the organisation on HR related issues, and be a part of our Metaleads committee that plans every event. We are looking for someone with HR and volunteer management experience, is familiar with Spanish law around freelance/independent contractors, and has previously worked or volunteered at a burn or similar event. The previous HR and Volunteers Metaleads are available for support to help this new role succeed.

You are:
  • A seasoned crew member with Nowhere or a similar event
  • Able to commit to a year-round role
  • Reliable, responsible, and resilient
You will:
  • Manage the Recruitment & Relationships department year-round
  • Analyse training and development needs of crew including around working on building sites
  • Develop and maintain policies and procedures related to recruiting and managing crew, resolving interpersonal conflicts, building relationships, and crew conduct expectations
Skills Required/Desired:
  • HR management experience
  • Experience of working in a mostly volunteer run organisation
  • Able to commit to a year-round role including attending monthly planning meetings
  • Knowledge of Spanish legislation around working with volunteers, independent contractors, and building site heath & safety

Which department does this role belong to:

Recruitment & Relationships

What kind of job it is:

Meta-lead (run the various departments of Nowhere)

TIME Commitment:

Year round role (Off site)

A few hours per week increasing over the planning year until the event. Monthly meetings required.