Role to be filled

Help lead the Storage team to measure, count, and organize Norg materials.

Helping to lead the Storage team in: taking inventory of all Norg supplies measuring all lumber, shade, etc. guiding the loading of containers if needed putting the written inventories on the drive.

You are:
  • On site all of Strike :July 13th-19th
  • Accurate with a tape measure
  • Comfortable working in the sun
  • can keep an accurate count
  • able to work with spreadsheets
  • fluent in English”
You will:

Help the storage team to:

  • Inventory everything accurately
  • Measure lumber and other materials
  • Guide container loading if needed
  • Entering inventories into spreadsheets
Skills Required/Desired:
  • know how to use a tape measure
  • able to count a variety of things
  • able to work out in the sun
  • able to work with spreadsheets
Extra Benefits:
  • If you love counting and organizing this is the role for you! There is a certain satisfaction in putting everything in its place.

Which department does this role belong to:

Build, Design & Strike Management

What kind of job it is:

Shadow-lead (learning lead)

TIME Commitment:

On site / Strike only