Role to be filled

Welfare | Communications

Year Round And On Site


Welfare Enough is a sober, calm tent for Nowhere participants who are overwhelmed, or simply want a cup of tea and a conversation with a  listening ear. It is open 24/7 with a shift lead and volunteers (sometimes called “Welfairies”).

Good communication is tricky. Ideally we want informative, concise and kind expressions. This is where the communication team members’ expertise comes in. They are responsible for creating and managing content through Facebook, the newsletter and other channels. Engagement for recruitment of leads and volunteers is the highest priority. It is a year round role starting March – September and involves working closely with Welfare Leads and Welfare Team members via online meetings.

Tasks and Time commitment

Write content for the Nowhere newsletter, the EuroBurners and Welfare Facebook pages, and any other required avenues of content dissemination. Maintain and respond to discussions on social media in a timely manner, and connect with the Welfare Leads for information as required.

Here’s an example of *some* of the tasks you’ll be helping with throughout the year:


  • Manage the Welfare social media presence, including the Welfare Facebook page, and the posts on the EuroBurners and other local burner pages
  • If new, get on boarded by your MetaLead, and meet your Welfare Leads and fellow Welfare Team members via online meetings.
  • Discuss with your team what tasks need to be undertaken and how best to allocate them
  • Work with the Leads and Welfare team to recruit, inform, and organize the Welfare Enough volunteers
  • Write informative social media posts and newsletter articles
  • Respond to questions on social media within 2 days – more frequently in the days before the event

During Setup, Event and Strike

  • Take a few (consenting!) photographs of the space for our records
  • Check on the social media accounts once per day
  • Take a lead shift of Welfare

Post Event

  • Write posts thanking the volunteers for their wonderful work, including event highlights
  • Take part in the Census.
  • Provide written feedback in the form of a Post Nowhere Report (PNR) and in a wrap up meeting with your team as appropriate.
  • Attend the annual All Leads Meeting (ALM) in Barcelona if possible.

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Required Skills

  • Fluent in English
  • Experience of volunteering for Welfare, at Nowhere
    or similar event
  • Must understand and uphold the aims and ethos of Welfare services
  • Patience, compassion, and calm under stress
  • Passionate about Nowhere and Welfare
  • Organized and keen to Get Stuff Done!
  • Strong communication skills
  • Basic IT skills: Spreadsheets, social media, a willingness to work with FIST
  • Understand basic GDPR requirements for volunteer data and commit to maintaining their privacy

Bonus Skills

  • Loves writing, clarity and social media
  • Fluent in Spanish and/or French

Responsible to

Welfare Leads

Responsible for

Writing and disseminating Welfare news, responding to participants, running Welfare Facebook page


  • Support and guidance from your Leads and Team Members
  • The warm glow of being part of the Welfare Team and the wider NOrg family
  • The satisfaction of knowing you are playing a big part in making Nowhere participants’ experience safer and happier and contributing to the success of Nowhere
  • The opportunity to buy your ticket before the general sale next year