First to come, last to pull out!


Everything You Always Wanted to Know About Werkhaüs But Were Afraid to Ask

What is Werkhaüs's purpose...

Werkhaüs is the living space of everybody on site during set-up. A communal space to rest, chill, socialize and play. 

So it’s one of the first structures to be built.

Werkhaüs also hosts DVS (Department of Volunteer Servicing) also known as “Fluff”

During the event, Werkhaüs is a normal-ish barrio, but only the “very involved humans” live with us.

In 2018, Werkhaüs started to provide werkshöps (related to making Nowhere happen) and event-time fluff.

Werkhaüs is the living space of everybody on site during strike, when we take down all the stuff. A communal space to rest, chill, socialize and play. 

So it’s one of the last structures to be dismantled.

Werkhaüs also hosts DVS (Department of Volunteer Servicing) also known as “Fluff”.

What is...

This is the operational space for the first and last crew on site. The place to work.

It’s a structure made with shipping containers. This is the place where you can find Toolhaus, the container where the NOrg crew can borrow some tools. If you’re an artist and you want tools, Toolhaus is not the place for you and you need to talk to Kunsthaus.

This is the kitchen & dining room of every NOrg team during Setup & Strike.

During the event, it’s the place where volunteers and Werkhaüs’s barrio members take their meal.

Can you explain to me why...

Because we are a part of NOrg. This means the barrio members pay for some things and NOrg pays for other things. For example: NOrg pays a part of Werkhaüs’ infrastructure and food while the barrio members pay for ice, water, the bar and the volunteer appreciation party. In other words, Werkhaüs is a gift from NOrg to those who dedicate a lot of time to Nowhere.

To be able to join Werkhaüs as a barrio you have to meet requirements (look at this section

Artists have other facilities, such as Kunsthaüs and Art Grants.

Werkhaüs is made to help the other kind of involved humans.

Since the needs regarding volunteer meals grew and Werkhaüs was no longer able to house the kitchen, La Cantina moved out of Werkhaüs in 2017.

During the event Werkhaüs members are a part of the kitchen crew by making shifts at La Cantina available as barrio shifts.

That’s a rumor … I swear we are nice 😉

But if you meet someone not gentle, it’s maybe because that person is tired as fuck and just lost his brain (two weeks ago). When the event starts, a lot of Werkhaüs’s members have spent 3 weeks working hard under the sun. So it’s not against you, but sometimes we’re just very tired.

Random shit happens when you are tired… But in general the only “rules” are: It must be cheap, second-hand and SOLID.

Any other questions or queries? Email us at werkhaus@goingnowhere.org

How to live in Werkhaüs during build or strike?

Werkhaüs is the living space of everybody working with NOrg during setup & strike. 

To live here you will have to :

  1. Create an account on FIST
  2. Sign up for NOrg setup and/or strike crew (choose your duration, choose your team(s))
  3. Wait for validation (& your early entry pass)

Validation received ? You will be part of Werkhaüs as long as you will be involved with one of the teams operating during setup or/and strike.

BEWARE : Living in Werkhaüs during setup or strike doesn’t give you the right to join Werkhaüs during the event (as a barrio). You will have to register. (See the section below)

How to join us during the event ?

Everyone is welcome at Werkhaüs, but we do have requirements. Why? Because we’re named Werkhaüs for a reason: we work hard (but play harder). Here is some info about how to join us:

All humans who want to join Werkhaüs, must fit in one* of these 3 requirements:

  1. Year round role: You have a year round role at Nowhere (Lead, MetaLead, HR, Finance, Director)
  2. One week of setup and/or strike : You join the Set-up and/or Strike crew for a minimum of 7 days 
  3. Shift warrior: You are an event-time involved human, you rock a minimum of 20h of NOrg shifts (go to FIST)

It is possible to combine several of these requirements. We love your werk!

  1. Create your profile on FIST
  2. PRE-REGISTRATION (to check if you fit the requirements)
  • A large shade structure
  • A shaded space for your tent 
  • Showers structures
  • 3 meals per day & snacks
  • Water for the entire event
  • Cold drinks! (beers/sangria/soft) (more if you want it)
  • A bar with booze
  • Schwag

If you are unable to pay the barrio fee, we can provide you with low income options.

Please email us at werkhaus@goingnowhere.org with the subject line: « LOW INCOME ADMISSION » with a short description of your circumstances.

Your Haus Will Provide!

We know that while the spirit is willing, the wallet is not always able, so if the cash gods have been kind to you recently and you would like to add a few euros to your barrio fees and help someone else receive a low-income admission, we would be forever grateful!

Infos will comes asap

Infos will comes asap

Become a lead & make unimportant decisions with us

We are looking for extra humans to help us running Werkhaüs.

Such as:

  • Bar Lord/Lady
  • Event-time Fluff Lead
  • Decors Lead
  • Werkshöp Lead
  • LNT Barrio Lead
  • And more!

Are you interested in having more work ? Email us at werkhaus@goingnowhere.org