Who are the people of Nowhere?

Nowhere is an experiment in creative freedom, participation and cash-free community, conceived, built, experienced and returned to nothing by YOU. Created by a diverse, artistic global community, Nowhere is a unique event held in the hot, dusty desert of northern Spain. Nowhere is based on 10 core principles, inspired by the core principles of Burning Man.

Each year, we conduct a census of those who attend. See the results:

Who is behind this thing we call Nowhere?

Nowhere is produced by a Spanish company, Going Nowhere S.L. with a parent UK company, Somewhere Europe Ltd as the sole shareholder. All surplus funds are reinvested back into the event.

The company produces Nowhere, Annual Leads Meeting and other related events from time to time. Its principal purpose is to act as a legal interface between these events and the default world.

Day-to-day running of Nowhere is delegated to the Finance Coordinator, Coordinators, MetaLeads and Leads. However, as the company holds the legal and financial liabilities for the event, the directors and fiscal representative are the final decision-making body on all issues affecting Nowhere.

The company was started by David Bradshaw, Pete Johnson, and Steve Double in 2006.

The Finance Coordinator is responsible for the day to day running of the event finances and is empowered to make decisions within agreed limits set by the directors. They oversee the budgets, tax returns, production back office, financial accountability, legal compliance and reports. This role is part of the MetaLeads committee, the directors committee and is our fiscal representative in Spain.

The Finance & Legal Support role is responsible for the required event permits and administrative obligations, is the interface with the local institutions and also supports the day to day running of the event finances and the health and safety of the event. This role is empowered to make decisions within agreed limits set by the Finance Coordinator, and is part of the MetaLeads committee.

The Site and Logistics Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that all external services required for running the event are ordered, delivered and received as necessary. The role is also responsible for purchasing materials required by all departments, supports City Planning in preparing the layout of the site, and supports the rest of the coordination team in their duties. This role is part of the MetaLeads committee.

The MetaLeads run the various departments of Nowhere. These will normally be a logical collection of a group of smaller projects. MetaLeads have executive authority for their department. A department may have either one or two MetaLeads, depending on individual strengths and the requirements of the specific role.

MetaLead tasks include managing budgets for their area, recruiting and managing leads and volunteers for the projects within their area, and ensuring that work schedules are in place, ensuring the health and safety of volunteers and participants, and working with other MetaLeads on cross-departmental projects.

The volunteer Nowhere Leads are responsible for co-ordinating a particular function before, during and after the event, such as safety, toilets, barrios, communications, Gate, MoN, recycling, tickets, translations, art and performance…

The volunteers are responsible for making nowhere happen, Everything at Nowhere is run by volunteers – this means YOU!

How is NOrg organised?

I want to contact a team:

info@goingnowhere.org – general info

volunteers@goingnowhere.org – to volunteer before, during or after Nowhere

art@goingnowhere.org – for info about bringing art installations to Nowhere
artcars@goingnowhere.org – for info about bringing art cars to Nowhere
performance@goingnowhere.org – for info about performing at Nowhere or taking part in the Opening Ceremony
innovation@goingnowhere.org – for info about bringing an innovative project or helping with bettering our technical solutions
mon@goingnowhere.org – to announce an event or check for space at Middle of Nowhere to run a workshop
decor@goingnowhere.org – to join our teams that decorate the public spaces of our site, pre-event
fire@goingnowhere.org – for info about fire performing and bringing fire toys to Nowhere

barrios@goingnowhere.org  – for any questions about or to register a theme camp

freecamp@goingnowhere.org – for any question about freecamping

comms@goingnowhere.org  – for any question about communication

tickets@goingnowhere.org – for information on tickets, prices etc

geeks@goingnowhere.org – for any technical problems with the website

media@goingnowhere.org – for press and PR-related questions

malfare@goingnowhere.org  – to volunteer with our medical/welfare team




If you would like to report a specific event in confidentiality to the Consent Committee. Preferably fill a Nowhere Incident Report Form. You can also contact us by email: consentcommittee@goingnowhere.org

And you?

Leads always need volunteers, so if you’d like to get involved, see what positions are open or send an email to volunteers@goingnowhere.org