Ticket Dates Released – And The Crowd Goes Wild!

It’s finally here…. TICKET INFORMATION

Some of you have been writing us for information about ticket sales for Nowhere 2023. So, as promised…

  • FEBRUARY 22th: Low income applications will be open. We will publish a form on the website and will send it out here when we have it. Keep an eye out around these dates for more information.
  • MARCH 9th: Pre sale codes will be emailed to those who completed at least one on site shift at Nowhere 2022, as well as those who volunteer year-round for the NOrg. That’s a good reason to volunteer this year, isn’t it??
  • MARCH 15th: General sale opens. The exact time is TBD, but we will keep you updated as soon as we have more info.

Also, we have very exciting news regarding tickets this year:

First of all, don’t worry, they won’t be as expensive as last year.

Second, we’ll be adding a middle tier ticket for people who can’t afford a full priced ticket but don’t want to apply for a low income ticket, or who aren’t chosen in the low income ticket lottery.

We’ll have a confirmation of ticket prices and more info about the new middle tier tickets in time for our next newsletter, but we really want to stress that any reduced price ticket options are only for people who wouldn’t otherwise be able to afford to come to Nowhere.

It’s essential to all of us that we are as economically inclusive as possible. Still, building our little temporary paradise in Los Monegros isn’t cheap, and we’ll only be able to keep doing that if people don’t try to abuse the system. Not that any of you caring and loving human beings would ever consider such a thing.

Also, if you’re ever wondering how we spend your hard earned ticket money, all our financial data is open and accessible on our website – take a look!

Gate, Greeters and Perimeter

Waaaaaahh NOrg is always crying that that no one is stepping up to help! They are threatening us, saying that Nowhere can’t happen if we don’t do this and that and….

Wait a sec. Yes, it’s true, we are, slowly, getting really nervous, that’s true. But we are only getting nervous because if the missing roles, especially those with “Lead” “MetaLead” or “Director” in the title, are not filled soon, we won’t have enough people to make Nowhere happen.

So, let’s try something new! Let’s make a cringe 90‘s Dating show out of it! In today’s newsletter we have a very special gem for y’all!

*awkward drum roll please*

G – G – P!

Sounds sexy? Oh hell yes! Our single today is Gate Greeter and Perimeter!

This little cutie pie is in charge of a lot of different things. Their smile is the first thing our Nobodies see, when they drive/walk/crawl their way onto site. GGP volunteers are there to give all of us that warm, comfy “welcome home” when we first get to Nowhere. They also keep us safe, day and night!

With all this attitude, they are an amazing communicator and gather together ALL THE MOTIVATION to organize and coordinate tasks and solve problems. Before we even arrive in that dusty little desert, GGP has helped plan and organize the gate, the greeter station, some fancy safety stuff with perimeter, and helped the greeter team to get organized and welcome you!

So – a little more serious summary: We NEED a Gate, Greeters and Perimeter (GGP) MetaLead and Co-Lead to join us in volunteering year-round to oversee the department and provide guidance and support to each of the three teams.

If you’re someone with great communication skills, to work with different departments including City Planning and Malfare, a problem solver, to help your teams with their issues, and are passionate about making Nowhere happen, come and talk to us!

You’ll need to be available at least once a month for a meeting with the other MetaLeads and communicate with your teams regularly, plus be confident in using spreadsheets. Don’t worry if you haven’t had a role like this before! You’ll work hand in hand with other MetaLeads and the directors. You’ll be responsible for coordinating teams on all three projects, but you’ll get all the training, support and help you could need!

In addition to the MetaLeads, we’re also looking for Greeter and Perimeter Leads, so if attending MetaLeads meetings isn’t your cup of tea, don’t hesitate to apply for one of those!

Maybe we will set up their dating profiles for the next Newsletter 😏

Want to know more? Get in touch – volunteers@goingnowhere.org

Art and Expression- AKA why we do this silly thing in the dirt

Another year, another Nowhere, another empty field of dust dirt and tumbleweeds waiting to be filled by YOUR creativity!

Want to delight a few thousand lovely humans with your new eclectic theater piece? Are you on a mission to beat back the psytrance hordes with a healthy dose of live music? Want to become your weirdest self in a bizarre cabaret under the Middle of Nowhere tent? Hop over to the performance art page to know more.

Got yourself a tight crew, power tools and a metric ton of wood & screws to build a towering avant-garde installation in the middle of it all? Or maybe it’s you alone, crafting a little piece of intimate weirdness and wonder for those who wander in the dirt? No matter the size, the installations page has got you covered.

Has your truck turned into an airship? Have you left your car parked right there and now it’s a giant pink mouse hugging a metal dragon?!? Well, why not stick a sound system on it and cruise the field of dirt, transporting dancing nobodies here and there? Drive right on to the artomobiles page!

Or are you more into engineering, the art of inventing something useful to make life better in the scorching heat and dusty wind? That’s creativity too! Learn more on the innovation page.

If you have a great idea but no money to make it happen, we also offer grants for all of the above. Registration starts February 1st and is open until April 25th.

And, like every year, we are here to help if the unstoppable force of your creative vision has slammed into the unmovable wall of late stage capitalism: if you need financial support to make your dreams come to life, we offer grants to cover your material and transport costs!

You only have to sacrifice a tiny piece of your soul to the dark gods of bureaucracy and accounting.

It’s mostly painless…


Visit our consent page

We all know that consent is one of the most essential parts of our community. Some people may think it’s only about physical interaction – but that is definitely not true. We should always be aware that our actions can deeply impact others, whether it’s a photograph, a hug, or even a compliment.

We are very happy and proud to see that the numbers of Consent reports have dropped sharply in recent years. We have a whole team that is doing incredible work, all year long, to make nowhere as safe as possible!

This involves every single Nobody, so please take a minute or two to check if your Consent knowledge is “up to date” and visit our Consent page and get acquainted with our Consent Committee members!

Get ready, this year is going to be awesome!

Want to help it be awesome? Sign up as a Lead, MetaLead or Director. We really need your help to make the event happen this year.

Transform all of those weird ideas bouncing around in your brain into real, touchable, breathable ART.

Read the consent guide. It’s really important.

And watch out for more information because now that we are just getting started, and there’s lots more to come.